Improve breathing, relieve tight hips and hamstrings and recover faster with our January 3-day online yoga for runners challenge!

•    Hosted by running coach and yoga instructor Jess McLeod
•    Only 10 minutes per day on the 26th, 27th and 28th of February
•    Instructional videos
•    Participate from anywhere
•    No yoga experience needed
•    Feel awesome and run easier

Join the Yoga for Runners HQ community and take part in our Yoga for Runners Challenge!


We’ve collaborated with the talented running coach and yoga instructor Jess McLeod to bring you this educational 3-day online challenge.


CHALLENGE DATES: 26th, 27th and 28th of February


 Each day you will receive a 10-minute instructional yoga video to help you with the following:

Yoga for Runners breathing

Take Control of Your Breath

Learn how to increase lung capacity and breathe more efficiently while running.

Yoga for Runners Hips and hamstrings


Learn a few simple techniques to alleviate tight hips and hamstrings almost instantly.

Yoga for runners recovery

Recover Quicker after Runs

A quick post-run routine to prevent stiff muscles and shorten recovery time.